A new customer care guide for mortgage brokers and lenders highlights the need for empathy and ‘active listening’ when dealing with borrowers. 

 The guide, from communications provider Moneypenny, is based on its experience of handling customer interactions across the financial services industry. 

It has targeted this guide at the mortgage sector in a bid to improve its repuation when it comes to customer care, help those in the industry build more valuable relationships with client in order to reduce client churn and maximise profits. 

The guide includes practical tips to improve empathy when delivering lending advice and ensure employees’ use of language hits the mark. It also addresses the importance of active listening and the need for empathetic leadership, and includes a short quiz to help businesses ascertain just how empathetic they are.

Moneypenny CEO Joanna Swash says: “This guide reminds the mortgage industry of the commercial necessity for empathy and shows how they can engrain it into their practices and service delivery – reassuring clients that they’re not only being heard but also listened to and understood.

The guide is available to download for free on Moneypenny’s website. Moneypenny was established in 2000 and is a major player in the outsourced switchboard, live chat and customer contact solutions.