Crompton Halliwell

Conveyancing – Selling Your Property Costs

£501,000 +
Percentage of selling price at 0.2%

Additional Fees:

Leasehold Apartment supplement up to £300 (+VAT) plus any administrative fees charged by the freeholder/management company.

Electronic funds transfer fee up to £20.00 + VAT per payment

PRICE MATCH - We always endeavour to be competitive and
will always try to match any genuine quotes if possible.

(simply forward your quotation to us for an instant decision)

VAT is charged where indicated at the current rate of 20%.

We would expect to complete your transaction within 6 to 8 weeks. 

However, please be aware that conveyancing timetables are subject to a range of external factors and circumstances beyond our control, so this timescale is an estimate and can not be guaranteed.

For more information contact our office and speak with a member of our Conveyancing team on 0161 797 9222. 


Buying or selling a property can be a stressful and extremely time consuming experience. Our team help provide clients with clear and easy to understand information.


The role of an Executor can be daunting as an Executor is the only person who is entitled to administer an estate. The Executor is held personally liable for any mistakes made.


Wills are very important and without one you have little control of how your estate is distributed when you die. Making a Will lets you distribute your money and possessions how you wish.

Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legally binding document which enables you to choose a person or persons, that you trust, to deal with your affairs in the future should you become either physically or mentally incapable.


A Trust is a vehicle used to enable a chosen, trusted person (Trustee) to hold an asset in their protection for the benefit of another. Trusts can be complex , we therefore recommend you seek advice from our team of highly trained experts.

Employment Law

If a relationship between employee and employer breaks down, one solution is to enter into a 'Settlement Agreement'. This is a legally binding agreement that allows the employee to gain an agreed tax free lump sum whilst in return agreeing not to proceed with their case.

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